Haiti for Christ

Haiti for Christ Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization run for more than 40 years by missionaries Joel and Yvonne Trimble. The Trimbles are independent missionaries not affiliated with any denomination or mission board.

God has called the Trimbles into a unique relationship with the precious people of Haiti, a country they have been proud to call home since 1975.

Haiti for Christ also produces the number one television show in Haiti, La Bonne Nouvelle, bringing the good news of Christ to Haitians both in Haiti and around the world.

Joel & Yvonne Trimble

Joel and Yvonne Trimble were married on December 9, 1977. They had known each other for ten weeks. By March of 1978 they were living on the mission field in Port au Prince, Haiti.

As non-denominated, missionaries Joel and Yvonne often worked to support the ministry. Joel would rise early to do a live radio show in Creole. Evenings he was often asked to act as interpreter for Americans visiting Haiti. Translation occasionally generated donations from visiting evangelists.

For the first five years of ministry, Joel and Yvonne lived in a house with no running water. Their second son, Paul, was born in that house at 28 Ruelle Lily.

The Trimbles had no personal vehicle until a team from Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama raised the funds to purchase a new Isuzu jeep.

By 1981 Joel and Yvonne lead evangelism team that traveled to villages with a flatbed truck loaded with sound equipment, courtesy of David Wilkerson’s World Challenge. Joel, the evangelist, would preach open-air services and show the Jesus movie in Creole, courtesy of Bill Bright’’s Campus Crusade for Christ.

One afternoon Joel and Yvonne came home to a note asking to borrow their film projector. Later that evening thirty-year missionary to Mexico, Daniel Ost took young Joel Trimble by the hand and asked him, “Tell me what you do here?”

Joel explained that he preached the gospel four times a day on a local voodoo station and was a traveling evangelist. Danny encouraged Joel to open a church featuring nightly services.

With the financial support of Pastor Roy Stockstill, Bethany Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, La, Joel did and the Center of Faith, Hope and Love were born.

In 1987 the Center of Faith had grown to over 5,000 members worshiping under a large tent on government land. When the Duvalier government was deposed the Center of the Faith was forced to relinquish their land. With nowhere to go, the church closed, but the ministry to Haiti continued.

Today Joel & Yvonne Trimble produce La Bonne Nouvelle, Haiti’s most popular television show. Hundreds of thousands of viewers both in Haiti and around the world have heard the good news of Christ in the Kreyol language.

Four children, six grandchildren and decades later, evangelism in the US and Haiti, and Creole television broadcasts in the US and Haiti comprise Haiti for Christ ministries.

Website: https://www.haitiforchrist.net

Haiti for Christ

Aroundtw“Wow, what a generous gift! Thank you
very much.” As I said this, I wondered why the Haitian man who had once stolen from us offerered such a sacricial gift. I lifted potatoes, turnips, spinach and watercress from the piled high basket and admired each o ering; it was a beautiful and expensive gift for a poor truck driver with a family. “

Charles nodded and grinned, “When a man is healed he must go back and say, ‘Thank you for what you did for me. Thank you for healing me.’”

Immediately I knew Charles was referring to the ten lepers in Luke chapter 17. Jesus heals the ten lepers but only one comes back to thank Him.

One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan.

Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.” Luke 17:15-19

Charles lives in a two room concrete house with a tin roof on the Kenscoff Mountain. His brothers and mom have similar homes nearby. On Thursdays, peasant merchant women with heavy hand woven baskets balanced on their heads walk for miles to the market near Charles’ home. With the help of another merchant, the women lower their baskets to the ground and arrange lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and other produce on a burlap sack or piece of carton spread on the packed earth and then they squat in a deep knee bend behind their wares as they wait for customers.

Charles drives a Mack truck up and down the mountain delivering sand and gravel for concrete construction projects. His salary provides for his children’s education and daily needs; the family is healthy and well fed. For ve years before his job as a truck driver, Charles drove a pickup for our mission Haiti for Christ. His happy go lucky, jovial face was always a welcome sight at the mission of ce; unfortunately his exuberance was a mask hiding a dis guring and deadly leprosy. (Leprosy is often a symbol of pervasive, addictive sin in the bible.)

One day my husband Joel left the mission checkbook on the pickup dash while he went into the of ce; Charles was in the driver’s seat. Hours later Joel discovered an entire page of checks missing from the checkbook! (Employee theft is rampant in Haiti.) We knew

our only option was to dismiss Charles immediately and pay his severance with no accusation or charges. Haitian law is Napoleonic Code thus to accuse someone without absolute proof, the checks in his hand, would jeopardize our mission. Since we did not have that eyewitness proof we knew the process was to send him home without explanation and stop the missing checks.

When Joel red Charles later that day, the driver did not object
or question the action; he knew why even though it was never mentioned. We did not see Charles for years after that but we often thought of his smiling face and warm greeting. Our forty years in Haiti have taught us to be wary of thievery but our hearts are always pained for the sin that enslaves Haitians.

Charles knows the gospel; he knows what we stand for as does all of Haiti. We host and produce Haiti’s favorite television show, a Creole Christian travelogue shot on location; it is our powerful pulpit to the nation. We lm a different Haitian village in each episode and show the beauty of the country and her people and then Joel ministers

a word from the Lord often about repentance from leprous sin. To date we have produced eighty-six shows and La Bonne Nouvelle, The Good News, is aired on eighty stations throughout Haiti, the Caribbean and Haitian markets in Montreal, Boston, New York

and South Florida. Our estimated viewing audience is two million Haitians every day!

Last month as we sat down to dinner, the doorbell rang; after years of not seeing him, Charles was at the gate. Joel went out to speak with him. Charles greeted him and said, “I have been watching your television show every day and it has changed me.”

Joel came to get me. “Yvonne, come and see this!” I went to witness the wonder my husband was so excited about.

Charles sat on the low wall beside our driveway, next to him
was a basket over owing with produce; he greeted me with his customary wide smile and strong hug. “Charles,” I said, “Look how fat you are!” (In Haiti, weight gain is a sign of prosperity and to notice it is a compliment.)

Charles beamed and pointed at the basket, “This is for you and Pastor Joel!”

I asked about his wife and children. “Everyone is ne; God is blessing us,” he happily assured me. Charles helped us carry the heavy basket into the house and then he again shook our hands.
“I am healed because of what you did for me.” He said, “Thank you.”

As we returned to our dinner table, Joel asked, “Can you believe what just happened? God healed him of his sin and he came back to thank us for it.”

I agreed. “It makes it all worth it. If he was the only one that got right with God, he just made it all worth it. Forty years of praying and preaching I would do it all for one soul, glory to God.” But to myself, I thought, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?”

Yes, Christ is using us; yes, souls are being saved every day but until we get to heaven and see Jesus face to face, we cannot imagine the transforming power of the gospel – The Good News – that we practice and preach every day. We cannot imagine the convicting impact of our soul winning television show watched by young, old, rich, poor, voodooist, drug dealers and even politicians, but on that day we will see them in Heaven!

Our driver Charles was a thief, but now he is a blood- washed saint with his name written in the Lamb’s book of life. He is brand new, born again; old things are passed away and all things are new. I have often told friends, “When you get to heaven, I will be sitting in the Haitian section!” Now we are assured that happy go lucky, once leprous Charles will be there too!

Submitted by: Yvonne Trimble of Haiti for Christ

El Salvador Clubfoot Program 2014 Annual Review


On His Path has worked in El Salvador for three years with vulnerable children and families in the clubfoot program. The goal of the program is to give children the opportunity to live an active lifestyle and to play, run and kick a ball and be active members in their communities, as well as responding to Jesus’ example of healing the sick and his call to share the gospel.

On His Path is working for those whose physical disabilities can be corrected or alleviated through medical treatment. In our ve clinics around the country, we are providing training to doctors, the materials and braces for non-surgical treatment for children born with clubfoot by partnering with local public health care system so mothers and fathers do not worry that their children will never walk and give them the opportunity to celebrate their rst steps.

Highlights of Last year:

176 new children enrolled in treatment at On His Path clinics

571 casting visits

169 foot abduction braces distributed

539 follow-up visits in the ve clinics

A children’s book was created to encourage them to wear their braces at night which create the best results

More than 300 families received counseling and the opportunity to receive the good news of The Gospel

The Clubfoot Program was promoted in different spaces such as radio interviews in Agape Radio, Telemas TV, and in Health Units with Health Promoters to promote our work in the ve clinics

81 doctors trained at the Third Ponseti Training and Congress in San Miguel facilitated by Dr. Sequeira and Dr. Rosales

Video recordings of the Third Ponseti Training made available for doctors for training purposes as well as on YouTube

New print material created for parents to read explaining clubfoot treatment as well as the use and care of the clubfoot brace

Prayer Requests for El Salvador Clubfoot program:

• Additional health professionals trained

• Parent education and commitment to the treatment of children

• Patient data entered in a database

• Establish at least one more clinic to treat more children

• Persuade more doctors to adopt the Ponseti method to prevent disability caused by untreated clubfoot

In the year 2015, we want to trust God to ful ll his promise as stated in Isaiah 43:19: He will bless us with new opportunities, provision and direction in our organization as we continue looking for opportunities to expand our collaboration to make clubfoot treatment accessible to more children. Our goal is to help establish at least one more strategically located clinic across the country. This year, we will sponsor at least one medical training; our goal is to support the treatment of at least 175 children born this year with clubfoot in El Salvador.

We will continue working with responsibility and integrity of the Ponseti Method to serve more children with high quality care and reach as many children as possible with the promotion of the program.

We are immensely grateful to the Lord for allowing us to serve the little ones in our country and all the generous donors who make the program possible and for joining us in our dream to eradicate untreated clubfoot in El Salvador.

Submitted by: Mayra Arteaga, On His Path Clinics