Clinic New: El Salvador

David’s Story Our son, David, was diagnosed in utero with a clubfoot. We did not know what our future and his childhood would look like, but we began praying, even before David was born, that whatever treatment, procedure, pain, frustration, or inconvenience that he would have to endure – that God would use his story … Continue reading Clinic New: El Salvador

Sharing God’s Love through Education

Sharing God’s Love through Education In a small, impoverished Haitian village on the shores of Lake Azuei, receiving an education used to be considered a luxury. In Haiti (as in many developing countries), you have to pay to send your children to school, and for this community, the nearest school was very far away. Though … Continue reading Sharing God’s Love through Education

Changes for 2016 and Beyond

We have been prayerfully considering many items this first month of 2016 and feel led to rededicate the focus of On His Path primarily to the advancement of clubfoot treatment in developing countries around the globe. MD Orthopaedics and the devices manufactured to train, promote, and maintain the Ponseti method are the driving force behind … Continue reading Changes for 2016 and Beyond

Tutoring Schools

Through our tutoring schools, many children have benefited. Bethel Ministries International has three tutoring schools which are located in the area of Chimaltenango and Técpan. The first tutoring school located in El Tejar, Chimaltenango has 26 children attending. Maynor Castillo is the teacher of this area and he has been able to help these children … Continue reading Tutoring Schools

Bible Donation

The Muscatine County Jail received a gift of English and Spanish New Believer’s Bibles in time for the Christmas season. This donation was made possible, in part, by contributions received by On His Path to the Bible Giveaway Fund. Prison Chaplain, Steve Russell, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the gift and said the Hispanic population … Continue reading Bible Donation