Haiti for Christ

Haiti for Christ Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization run for more than 40 years by missionaries Joel and Yvonne Trimble. The Trimbles are independent missionaries not affiliated with any denomination or mission board.

God has called the Trimbles into a unique relationship with the precious people of Haiti, a country they have been proud to call home since 1975.

Haiti for Christ also produces the number one television show in Haiti, La Bonne Nouvelle, bringing the good news of Christ to Haitians both in Haiti and around the world.

Joel & Yvonne Trimble

Joel and Yvonne Trimble were married on December 9, 1977. They had known each other for ten weeks. By March of 1978 they were living on the mission field in Port au Prince, Haiti.

As non-denominated, missionaries Joel and Yvonne often worked to support the ministry. Joel would rise early to do a live radio show in Creole. Evenings he was often asked to act as interpreter for Americans visiting Haiti. Translation occasionally generated donations from visiting evangelists.

For the first five years of ministry, Joel and Yvonne lived in a house with no running water. Their second son, Paul, was born in that house at 28 Ruelle Lily.

The Trimbles had no personal vehicle until a team from Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama raised the funds to purchase a new Isuzu jeep.

By 1981 Joel and Yvonne lead evangelism team that traveled to villages with a flatbed truck loaded with sound equipment, courtesy of David Wilkerson’s World Challenge. Joel, the evangelist, would preach open-air services and show the Jesus movie in Creole, courtesy of Bill Bright’’s Campus Crusade for Christ.

One afternoon Joel and Yvonne came home to a note asking to borrow their film projector. Later that evening thirty-year missionary to Mexico, Daniel Ost took young Joel Trimble by the hand and asked him, “Tell me what you do here?”

Joel explained that he preached the gospel four times a day on a local voodoo station and was a traveling evangelist. Danny encouraged Joel to open a church featuring nightly services.

With the financial support of Pastor Roy Stockstill, Bethany Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, La, Joel did and the Center of Faith, Hope and Love were born.

In 1987 the Center of Faith had grown to over 5,000 members worshiping under a large tent on government land. When the Duvalier government was deposed the Center of the Faith was forced to relinquish their land. With nowhere to go, the church closed, but the ministry to Haiti continued.

Today Joel & Yvonne Trimble produce La Bonne Nouvelle, Haiti’s most popular television show. Hundreds of thousands of viewers both in Haiti and around the world have heard the good news of Christ in the Kreyol language.

Four children, six grandchildren and decades later, evangelism in the US and Haiti, and Creole television broadcasts in the US and Haiti comprise Haiti for Christ ministries.

Website: https://www.haitiforchrist.net