What is On His Path?

On His Path is a private, non-profit organization committed to promoting the treatment of clubfoot in developing countries through the non-surgical Ponseti method.  In addition to the clubfoot initiative, On His Path is dedicated to the support of widows and orphans, alleviating a variety of pediatric and adult conditions and deformities, promoting clean water and nutrition programs, and glorifying God through sharing the gospel and answering the call to serve.

Who Founded On His Path?

Founded in 2009 by John and Jean Mitchell, On His Path sprang out of the abundance of God’s blessings from the success of MD Orthopaedics, Inc. who manufactures the Ponseti Brace and Bar System (created by John Mitchell & Dr. Ignacio Ponseti) that effectively treats children with clubfeet.

What is the purpose of OHP?

Simply put, On His Path’s Mission is: Glorifying Jesus by coming alongside the needy, and offering hope for a broken world! We want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and around the world, and help thousands of people along the way to have a better life. Many people are deprived of the basic necessities in life like food, clean drinking water, shelter, education, and medical attention. We want to change that in a big way, and we support individuals and organizations that offer this kind of support and most importantly that they share the love of Jesus Christ with the people they help.

How can I support OHP?

Your donation of any amount will help further our cause, and will change people’s lives! You can make an online donation right now, either as a one time gift, or make a monthly donation to provide ongoing support for those in need.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes! On His Path is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

How can 100% of my donation go directly to people in need? Don’t you have administrative costs?

On His Path is run by volunteers and consultants, all of whom donate their time and resources to further the cause of On His Path. Many of the members are on the staff of MD Orthopaedics, the company that makes clubfoot braces for children all around the world. The On His Path board all shares a common vision of glorifying Jesus by coming alongside the needy.

Who does OHP support?

We support numerous individuals and organizations that help those in need and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here’s a list of Who We Support.

How do I sponsor a pastor?

There are many Christian pastors that are spreading the Word of Jesus Christ all around the world who could use your support. Many of them barely have enough money to eat or have shelter, but they still go about sharing the Gospel because the Lord has guided them to help those in need. If you sponsor an individual pastor you are providing them with the help they need to continue their work. You can make a monthly donation to the Ministry Fund, and add in your comments that you would like to sponsor a pastor. We will get in touch with you about the details. You can also email Jean Mitchell at jean@onhispath.org for further information.

How do I get in touch with OHP?

On His Path
604 North Parkway Street
Wayland, IA 52654

Website: OnHisPath.org
Phone: 319-256-5656
Media Contact: Jean Mitchell, Co-Founder of On His Path – jean@onhispath.org

How do I apply for an OHP grant?

You can find out all about applying for an OHP grant here.

More QUICK FACTS about On His Path

Since 2009, the work of On His Path has spread to over 20 countries around the world and has served untold thousands of children and families in need.

On His Path key focus is the promotion of non-surgical clubfoot treatment in the developing world. On His Path awards grants to non-profit organizations committed to treating children with clubfoot and providing healthcare education to communities in developing countries.

On His Path also is active in funding programs in the following areas:  clean water and nutrition programs, education and micro-enterprise, medical equipment distribution, humanitarian and housing assistance, ministry and church planting, support of widows and orphans, and sharing the Gospel.

We currently donate clubfoot treatment supplies and/or medical equipment to the following countries:

England, El Salvador, Madagascar, Peru, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, India, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, South Africa and China.

On His Path was founded in 2009.

In 2015, the Global Clubfoot Initiative named On His Path a pivotal leader in the prevention of Clubfoot in the world.

100% percent of every dollar that comes into On His Path goes directly toward the delivery of charitable care throughout our network of ministries and program providers, as directed by our donors.

On His Path funds grants in excess of one million dollars annually.

On His Path is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.