Welcome to Truth Foundation Inc.

What will happen when you see the world in light of Truth?  What impact will it have on your life, family, those in your community, and the world?  Truth Foundation Inc. works to challenge your thinking in light of the Truth in order to break you, your family, community, and the world free of darkness and bondage.    

With southeast Iowa being one of the most under-resourced regions of Iowa for mental health services, Truth Foundation Inc. strives to “meet families and individuals where they are; providing holistic services grounded in the Truth, in expectation of transformation.” Truth Foundation Inc. utilizes a Biblically based foundation to offer a wide variety of quality professional mental health services for individuals and families in several area locations.

Truth Foundation 

Truth Foundation Inc. holds a mission of:

“Meeting Families and Individuals where they are; providing holistic services grounded in the Truth in expectation of transformation.”

They offer Individual, Family, and Couples Counseling; and seminars; as well as specialized forms of counseling like Play Therapy, EMDR, and Sexual Addictions Counseling, among others. In each service opportunity, their staff have had the privilege of witnessing people break out of the bondage of past hurts and current challenges; while seeing them intentionally seek God’s hand in their lives. It is amazing to witness the healing that can occur in individuals, families, and communities when our hurts are brought into the light of Truth! Truth Foundation Inc. looks forward to continuing to be used by the Lord and to walk with others amidst their journeys. Explore their website to discover more!

~ Sincerely, The Truth Foundation Team 

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