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On His Path focus areas:

clubfoot-copyClubfoot Treatment

Clubfoot is a common but potentially devastating birth defect that causes a child’s feet to turn upwards or inwards. Children born with clubfoot may have difficulty walking, or may not be able to walk at all. Fortunately, though, this disability can be corrected entirely and easily using the non-surgical Ponseti Method. On His Path provides support to clinics in developing countries that deliver proper treatment to children born with clubfoot. On His Path also provides education to families whose children are going through the treatment to ensure that each child stays healthy after the treatment is complete.

Grant Funding to NGO for Clubfoot education

On His Path awards grants to non-profit, non-governmental organizations aimed at helping children with clubfoot, and provides healthcare education to communities in developing countries. Through this grant program On His Path finds sustainable organizations that demonstrate real results, and addresses important issues concerning children’s health. We partner with non-profits whose goals and interests match our programs, mission, location, and population to serve.

Medical copy 2
Medical Supply and Equipment Donations

On His Path responsibly provides medical equipment and supplies to developing countries around the globe. This equipment makes treatments possible, ensures better health care outcomes, and saves lives.

clean-water copy
Clean Water Programs

On His Path is working to ensure access to clean water in developing countries all over the world. For many people in poor countries, access to clean water is an ongoing crisis. Families have to struggle every day just to find water safe enough to drink. Providing an easy-to-reach, safe water source not only improves health but also allows time for work and educational opportunities. On His Path offers solutions to local problems, and creates many opportunities for the local communities along the way.

Education copy
Education Funding 

Education funding opens a world of opportunities for children to reach their full potential and to achieve their goals and dreams.  On His Path invests in education and tutoring programs to help create a brighter future for children and their communities.

Humanitarian copy
Humanitarian Assistance

To provide opportunities for effective clubfoot treatment in developing countries, On His Path delivers humanitarian assistance. This assistance enables people in need to move forward with their lives, free of the deformity they were born with.

Nutrition copy
Nutrition Programs

On His Path believes in a world without hunger. Every third person in low-income countries suffers from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By solving the problem of hunger, we can address a broader range of human needs. We distribute meals through nutrition programs and provide life-changing aid to the most vulnerable in developing countries. Improving children’s nutrition and health naturally encourages them to go to school. A happy side effect is stimulated economic growth.

Church copyMinistry Programs

On His Path is passionate about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations, near and far, and following Jesus’ command of making disciples around the world.

Shelter copy
Housing Support for Homeless

According to statistics, over 100 million people in the world are homeless. The homeless have no shelter; they sleep in parks, on the pavement, in doorways or under bridges. Some sleep in public buildings, like bus terminals or railway stations. For the people that On His Path helps, a home is more than shelter. A home is a foundation for life, and we deliver this foundation in developing countries.

Orphans copy
Widows and Orphans

On His Path believes in a society where widows and orphans are cared for and have the means to build a bright future for themselves. We aim to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of these women and children through education, awareness campaigns, healthcare, income generating activities, and material support.

Micro copy


On His Path supports microenterprise programs to create real economic changes in developing countries. We provide entrepreneurs in these countries with opportunities to start small businesses of their own. With our help, people can lift themselves out of poverty.