As You Are Going Ministries

Reaching Outdoorsman For Christ

Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore (As You are Going) and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,…”


The Clay’s

Brad and April Clay founded As You Are Going Ministries in 2012.  Brad served for 12yrs in Oklahoma as a youth pastor while April served as a worship leader and co-leader of ID Ministries, a ministry geared to teenage girls.  Brad graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and is just a few hours away from his Masters in Arts and Religion from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  Brad and April have been married for nearly 12yrs.  They have three children, Matthias, Ava, and Josiah.  The Clay’s are members at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK.

About Us:

God has called us to make disciples as we are going.  The word “go” in this scripture literally means “as you are going”.  We want to use the relationships, platforms, skills, talents, and gifts He has given us to be obedient to this call. As You are Going Ministries was founded in 2012 as a step of faith for Brad & April Clay.  After 12 years on staff at a church as a youth pastor, Brad began feeling called to a new ministry.  Through an outreach opportunity in the young married Sunday school class, he began using the passion God has given him for the Outdoors and hunting to minister to a friend.   As this friend became more involved, the simple outreach developed into Final Descent Outdoors.  They soon began to film their adventures, which eventually turned into a TV show.  They had the opportunity to run on a local channel in Durant, OK the first year.   The show was added to the KWHB TV-47 channel out of Tulsa, OK the next year.  As of 2011, the show was picked up by the Pursuit Channel, nationally known as one of the top providers of outdoor television.  Now millions can see Final Descent Outdoors weekly. As You are Going, is the ministry behind the TV Show.  Beginning in August 2012, Brad (and April) shifted from being on staff at FBC/Crossway Sulphur, OK to raising support to pursue outdoor ministry through As You are Going Ministries.


Our Goal:

Our goal is simple, use the common ground of the outdoors to challenge outdoorsman with the truth of the Gospel.

The Show:

Final Descent Outdoors is a faith-based show with the goal of reaching outdoorsmen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every episode is closed with a scripture and devotional thought challenging men to be better husbands, fathers, and overall challenging them to be men of God. Final Descent Outdoors is in over 40 million homes across the country on the Pursuit Channel. As a basic channel for all Dish (channel 393) and Directv (channel 604) customers, we are able to reach millions of outdoorsman every year.
Here is a few of the hundreds of emails we receive yearly about the show’s impact.


“I was challenged today by your show as you talked about priorities. God and my family have become secondary to me and today after watching the show I want that to change. On behalf of my wife, I want to say thank you because she is getting her husband back and on behalf of my kids who are getting their father back. I’m going to church this Sunday as well. Thanks for your message.”
–Jeff, Indiana.
“It’s so good to see Christians speaking out for God on TV. I just watched your show and I really enjoyed it.”
-Betty, Mississippi
“I just got out of prison for some stupid choices I’ve made and I’m battling depression. I feel like I’ve screwed my life up so bad. I watched your show today and I feel like God is telling me He does have a plan for my life. Thank you for being bold and talking about God. I needed this.
– Paul, Florida