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Who We Are

Economic Empowerment Leads to Freedom

Spiritual Empowerment Leads to True Freedom

Development for Freedom International (DFI) is a Christian based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to restore fragmented and dysfunctional families while serving underprivileged women and children of all religions and ethnicities. Our organization is based within the United States, Canada and South Korea and currently operates in Haiti.

What We Do

Family fragmentation is a recurring social concern around many parts of the world. With this issue, not only are members of the family alienated from each other physically, but they may also suffer from spiritual and emotional poverty. Moreover, members of such dysfunctional families have a higher probability to encounter desperation, child-abuse, abandonment, teenage pregnancy, prostitution, domestic violence, and gang participation.

The role of the family is crucial to the foundation of community and most of all, to the church. We are dedicated to re-establishing the relationship within families and for them to reconcile with God by mending their broken hearts into full and joyous ones. With this, we believe that His kingdom will reign furthermore.

Our Goals:

  • Delivering the Gospel for lost souls to reunite with God
  • Empowering men and women with basic economic means to support their own family
  • Providing medical treatment and care for women and children
  • Assisting women and children to learn and receive various skills and education
  • Healing individuals through art education
  • Serving disabled children for self-sustainability and rehabilitation

Our first operational mission field has been set in Haiti. There are five initiatives set for family restoration, and the objectives of each initiative methods are unique and specific for the Haitian community.

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:16)