Our Mission:

La Fundación Mexicana del Pie Equino Varo, A.C. promotes the dissemination of the condition of club foot and its treatment with the Ponseti method, to promote the welfare and human dignity of children born with this condition in Mexico.


Our Team:


Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization whose objective is to generate the necessary conditions for children of limited resources who are born with this foot deformity in national territory to have access to treatment by pediatric orthopedic doctors trained in the correct application of the Ponseti Method, improving thus their living conditions to eradicate the disability that the club Foot causes them.

Our Goals:

Early Detection: Achieve early identification of club foot by medical means, by midwife, and through education and dissemination

Guarantee treatment to all kids: we endeavour to ensure that all Mexican children born with this deformity can receive club foot treatment by trained orthopedic doctors

Family support: we desire to inform educate and to raise awareness among families and patients, and to subsidize part of the cost of the bars and braces and the necessary supplies for the treatment in needed cases